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Creating a website today can be a challenging project. The moment you have stepped out of ordinary HTML/CSS website your projects complexity rises. E-commerce (webshop), content management systems (CMS), applications, calculations or “simple” contact forms – these are all complex solutions that can cost both time and money if not appropriately managed from the beginning.

This is where we at Oktarin can help. With experience as being a developer and a buyer, we understand both sides and can make a bridge between so that communication and project are as smooth as possible. We can anticipate problems and solution in time, as well as prepare detailed documentation for your project that we cast aside all doubts.


You have an idea, or a beginning of the project but are not confident what to do next? What technology to use, what costs can you expect and whom to turn?

There are many questions that Oktarin can answer or give direction.

If your development or management is within your organization, Oktarin can provide with fresh perspective since we are looking from outside.


You need something done but do not have the time to overwatch your developers, or you don’t understand them? Nothing unusual and this is where we can step in.

Project management is more than just overseeing developers. You have to be with them in every step. Test functionalities, solve problems and think of alternatives for those little things that might have gone unnoticed in the beginning. Every project can go astray, but we are here to get it back on track 🙂 .

We can manage the development of your project with other agencies and keep you updated on each step. Your project is ours as well, at least that is how we act while working on it. You can devote your time to other more important things while we take care of developing and testing.


Most of the projects start and continue without proper documentation or any at all. “We’ll do it as we go” – sounds familiar? Rarely it works out. The buyer might get what he wanted in the end, but it will either cost extra time or extra money – or both. For developers, this is a small nightmare they have to go through.

We have proven that proper preparations and detailed documentation of the project are what ensures that projects cost and estimated time are accurate. Both the buyer and the developer are protected and are confident that their expectations will be met.

We distinguish two types of document:

  • Functional – it describes what the buyer wants as the result, it can also include design. This is where the buyer and author work together intensively.
  • Technical – this is oriented for developers as preparation for their programming or database creation. It is a work of both author and developers.

The buyer should always confirm every document before the project starts with developing, and we are here to elaborate for both the buyer and the developer.


Is a solution presented to you the best for your needs? Here we can help you with simple cost-benefit analysis.

Or you only want a second opinion?

Is Magento (the best e-commerce solution at the moment) the best for you? It might not be so, and it depends on your real needs. Do you need CMS (content management system) and have you thought about costs that come with it? Experience has shown that clients often feel that they will maintain the system on their own, but in reality, it doesn’t happen.

We can analyze your needs and present you with a clear cost-benefit analysis that will help you with your decision.