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Designing is a creative process that takes time. Sometimes it comes overnight, in a second you can have an idea, and it will spark into some original work. And within a minute you will toss it aside, starting on something else, some new idea.. better one, only to throw that one away as well. A designer could go within that loop forever, rarely satisfied with his end product, always searching for better.

However, we keep in focus what we believe to be the primary purpose of a design – COMMUNICATION. Design should be aesthetic to be seen, but its primary function is to communicate. Therefore before we start the design we like to set up a communication hierarchy. Once that is established it is clear what comes first, and what is less important.

When we go into the design, we expect some guidelines from our clients, such as visual identity – usually through “Book of graphics standards”. If you do not have a document that describes your identity we should set up guidelines and determine colors, typography, elements, and style to know which direction to take.


Although this phrase has an origin and meaning somewhere else it also, very accurately, applies in design. It is often mistaken that something small is easy to design and therefore done in little time and for a low cost. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Designing is a process where we are often tasked to use a lot of “important” information in a small space. And it has to be done, so that is readable, understandable and original.

The same is applied to designs that are “simple”. Often behind those simple creations is a lot of hours of designing, testing, creating and starting over.