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Having a website is no longer enough. You have to make it known to your audience, and for that, we use internet marketing.
To promote your website on the internet and reach your audience requires a combination of multiple tools or services. Most often used are Facebook and Google AdWords. In the end, it all comes down to “Who your audience is and where it is”.


Unlike SEO, with Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) you have fair opportunity to target your audience on several places:

  • Google search engine – using keywords
  • various websites – using banners and display campaigns
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Mobile phones through Apps advertising


Before Google Ads, the only way you could promote your website was to go to some other site and pay for your banner to display on it. You would pay per impression, that is each time someone opened their website with your banner you would pay for it. It didn’t matter the fact that user didn’t click on the banner.

Google Ads promotes you but charges only when a user clicks on your ad or banner. Not only you pay for interested users visit to your website, but you can also create a sophisticated analysis of your campaigns to see which ones work better. Google Ads has revolutionized online marketing with his powerful network.


To advertise on Google search, you create ads, specific and relevant to your service or product. You can create as many ads as you like. With ads, you set up a list of keywords that you want to target. All keywords are without limit. Once users query to Google search has triggered your keyword your ad is shown within search results (on the top or below). When the user clicks on your ad, he is transferred directly to your website. And that is when you pay. And you dictate how much you want to spend per keyword.

Of course, this is a simplified version of how Google Ads work on the search engine, but mostly this is it.


Opposite to Google Search where you target your audience through a search query, here you target them with your banners. Unlike traditional way where you can only pay per impression, with Google Ads you can pay per click or impression. With banners, you can choose to target specific websites and have your banners and campaigns display there, or you can target a network of websites that allow Google to show ads on them. In the end, keep in mind that today one user is visiting multiple sites, and not just one or few.

With Gmail campaigns, you target your audience while they are browsing their email in Gmail. This is very similar to banners, and a very affordable way to make your brand known to the large audience.


Another channel to promote your display campaigns or video ads on YouTube. Probably the most popular video site in the world. Your ads can appear either as video or as banners within other videos. It is important to know that here you pay per view of your video ad, but only after users have viewed a certain amount of your video ad. Another great way to promote your brand because of video blogging (vlog). In 2018 YouTube has 1.9 billion users, of which over 30 million are active daily. 1/3 of users on the internet are on YouTube.


Mobile phones are new windows on the internet and users. People use mobile phones daily, not just for internet, but for work or fun. And with that they use applications. And within those applications, your ads can be visible like banners. With this channel, Google Ads has closed the full circle on users all over the world.


And if all that is not enough, you can choose your audience geographically. Creating and running Google Ad campaigns is always challenging. Each campaign is different because internet usage and an audience are never the same. Therefore a lot of analyzing and tracking is required to know how to steer your campaign towards better results, returning with more visitors to your site, and with more buyers to your webshop or store.