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Why Oktarin? What does it mean?

There is a reason why we haven’t explained everything.

Every project we take we do at least a little investigation. So now we are asking you to investigate 🙂 .
And your time won’t be for anything. We will reward every correct answer with a 20% discount on the next project at Oktarin.


To gain the discount you have to answer this question: “What is the meaning of the word Oktarin?”

Hint: We will tell you that the way it is written now is a translation from English to Croatian.
One letter in the name OKTARIN is C, and there is also an E 🙂


Once you have discovered the meaning, it should be easy to tell us “What does our logo represent?”

You can send your answers to email with a subject I know OKTARIN

This contest will be open until further notice. Discounts of 20% and 10% are valid only for services from Web development, Consulting, Graphics, and Design.